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A comics and graphic novels appreciation podcast, where literacy educator Paul Lai (@twoplai) reads widely and digs deep in search of the socio-cultural, literary, and artistic significance of comic books, including superhero media, graphic novels, all-ages comics, and comic shop single issues. For comics fans, teachers, librarians and parents, and young readers alike.

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  1. 2021-08-15 John Lewis' "Run," "What If," and "Suicide Squad"

    Welcome to the Comics Syllabus, where on this week’s audio-only episode, we talk a bit about the sequel series to the celebrated “March” autobiography of John Lewis, “Run” volume 1, written by Lewis and Andrew Aydin, with art by L. Fury and Nate Powell. Then, some chatter about the “What If” ...


  2. Comics PLEASE!: Chibi Usagi, Miles Morales, Johnny Constantine, Fifth Quarter

    On this episode of Comics PLEASE! (Parents, Librarians, Educators, and Student Enthusiasts), we are hyped about some new graphic novels for kids out this summer as we enter the Fall’s new school year: “The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel” by Ryan North and Derek Charm ...


  3. "Adora and the Distance" review

    Marc Bernardin writes and Ariella Kristantina draws this all-ages fantasy about Adora, a girl whose adventurous spirit, courageous heart, and generous soul lead her and a band of companions on a voyage that is more than meets the eye. From Comixology Originals, this is a graphic novel for parents ...


  4. Polybagged New Comics July 21, '21 Week: Bermuda, Dark Blood, Save Yourself, Radiant Black

    On this week’s “Polybagged,” covering some new comics in shops this week (July 21, 2021), we talk about: “Bermuda” #1 by John Layman and Nick Bradshaw (IDW) “Dark Blood” #1 by LaToya Morgan and Walt Barna (Boom!), “Save Yourself” #2 by Bones Leopard and Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Boom!), and “Radiant Black” #6 ...


  5. Black Widow film + comics thoughts

    This week’s Comics Syllabus is a set of thoughts on the “Black Widow” movie from Marvel/Disney (SPOILERS aplenty!) with some reference to the comic book history of the character. But first, Paul opens with a correction/apology, as last week’s “Polybagged” misattributed the backmatter story in “Ordinary Gods” #1 to Kyle ...