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A comics and graphic novels appreciation podcast, where literacy educator Paul Lai (@twoplai) reads widely and digs deep in search of the socio-cultural, literary, and artistic significance of comic books, including superhero media, graphic novels, all-ages comics, and comic shop single issues. For comics fans, teachers, librarians and parents, and young readers alike.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 213 On "Sports is Hell" by Ben Passmore

    "Sports is Hell" by Ben Passmore (Koyama) Ben Passmore's new "Sports is Hell" from Koyama Press satirically sends up our intertwined sports, politics, and cultural madnesses. Paul and Johnny dig deep into the short graphic novel. ...


  2. 212 Carnival X: On Marvel's Dawn of X

    This week, Johnny and Paul offer a perspective and critiques of the “Dawn of X” mutant titles from Marvel, drawing on theory of the “literary carnivalesque” from Mikhail Bakhtin to describe what’s  intriguing about the X-books in the wake of Jonathan Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X relaunch. Our discussion ...


  3. Test Episode: Book 3-- The Hidden Kingdom

    Glory! Magnificent! Kinkajou! Oh my! ...


  4. 211 Comics of the Decade

    What comics meant the most in the 2010s... to us, to comics, to the larger culture? "Saga"? "Ms. Marvel"? Raina Telgemeier's "Smile"? Paul and Johnny run through their list of the comics of the decade, the graphic novels, superhero books, independent or alternative comics ...


  5. 210 Favorite Graphic Novels of 2019

    What graphic novels in 2019 stood out as the most significant, most soul-stirring, most thought-provoking, most artistically innovative? Co-hosts Paul and Johnny are excited to share the Comics Syllabus Podcast’s favorite graphic novels of 2019. Listen as they chatter about the comics works and collections that they loved most this ...